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What is the inroads program?

Researchers from the University of Sydney developed the Inroads program for young adults with concerns about their anxiety and drinking.

Over five online modules, the program will help you develop new skills to encourage you to think about your use of alcohol and overcome anxiety. You will be encouraged to set goals and stick to your choices. The modules are completed weekly and you will also receive weekly email support.

What is the link between anxiety and drinking?

Anxiety is very common as young people experience new challenges, including:

  • a new job or study program
  • establishing new friendships, and/or
  • a new living situation

Often, people who experience anxiety drink alcohol to cope with these challenges. Some people also experience anxiety from drinking too much.

When you are feeling anxious, and perhaps drinking more often, alcohol can initially lift your mood and help you relax. However, once these effects wear off, alcohol makes your feelings of anxiety worse and can affect your mood.

How can the inroads program help?

The Inroads program is about providing you with skills to cope with your anxiety and life stresses. You will be encouraged to think about what’s important to you, and plan out the steps needed to work towards your goals.

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